When to Plant Trees?

Trees are an essential part of our life and a good tree care starts right from the beginning of planting a tree.  Before planting a tree, it is very necessary to understand a suitable time to plant it. Not every season would be supportive of your choice of tree and know the right season will help tree in good growth.

Spring season is fairly good time to plant a new tree. Most of the nurseries make a huge selection during this time of the year. It gives the tree an opportunity to grow good during the summer and get prepared for winter. After planting, tree leaves can start developing and making their food throughout the summer. Planting in spring can help tree and its root both grow at the same time.

Tree Pruning Tips

It is always important to know the reasons for which the tree pruning is necessary. Many of us, must be thinking that it is an obvious process or procedure to be followed, but we are unaware of its benefits and effects on your tree growth. It basically involves cutting dead, broken, and unhealthy branches to preserve the overall health of your tree.

Tree pruning is also done to take safety precautions well in advance so that it doesn’t hurt anyone or any property due to falling over. It also improves the flower production, plant health, and makes your lawn more beautiful. This needs to be very careful because incorrect pruning can damage your tree for permanent.

Tree Disease

A wet spring may seem like Nature’s gift to landscape. After all, trees are soaking in all the water they can as they wake up for the season.  To keep your trees and plants healthy this spring, prevention is often the best protection against diseases. We should always find symptoms of common tree diseases to look out for this spring – and learn what to do if you find them.

Trees are also prone to diseases and require a proper treatment. It gets difficult to identify diseases in tree because the cause of them are microbial organisms and they spread by microscopic growth and spores. Though, the signs and symptoms on the tree become obvious and available to see as the disease takes hold. Tree diseases can affect any part of the tree, including the tree as whole. For example, we have leaf spot, leaf blotch, needle cast, scab and blister, defoliation and yellowing or chlorosis as named symptoms. Stem canker and galls, trunk and root rot are also very common tree disorders.

Proper Tree Trimming

Image result for tree trimmingProper tree trimming is essential for the health of your trees and your landscape. Most homeowners do not know how to properly trim trees, so when they attempt to do it in their yard work business the trees can be damaged or even worse. There’re certain techniques that must be used, in certain angles that must be used, two trim and prune trees properly. This is why it is usually best to hire a tree service company to perform this type of comin

Regardless of what climate you live in, tree trimming is an essential part of tree health. By trimming your trees on a routine basis that allows better ventilation which result in healthier trees. When trees become overgrown and unsightly they do not receive the same ventilation in sunlight on the inner tree that properly trimmed trees do. As a result these trees are generally unhealthy and also do not looks very good. So proper trimming on a routine basis has to very positive effects on your trees: first they will look much better and second day will be much healthier.